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Kalkhoff Electric Bike Showcase

23rd March 2017


Over recent years, the popularity of electric bikes has exploded, more and more people are looking to the convenience and simplicity that an electric bike can supply. In addition, the technology in electric bikes has improved dramatically, meaning they can now travel further, faster and offer pedalling assistance in a much more efficent and effective way. 

Instead of the old twist & go moped-like drive, Kalkhoff Electric Bikes utilise the more modern pedal-assist type drive: the harder you pedal, the higher the level of assistance. 

When investing in your new electric bike, you'll want to know what you're paying for - a requirement that doesn't stop at the product! Of course, it's important to know the bike will be suitable for your needs, but confidence that we will provide the service you deserve is equally important. Here at Bike Shed, we will not only help you find your perfect electric bike, you can be confident we'll be by your side whenever you need any help or advice.


There are a number of things you're likely to consider when choosing your new electric bike: the range, level of assistance, charge time, ease of use and durability are probably towards the top of your checklist, so throughout the following Kalkhoff showcase, we will do our best to explain the benefits of each model, to allow you to make an informed decision as to which Kalkhoff electric bike is right for you. 


Kalkhoff-Electric-Bikes-Agattu-B7-Blue Kalkhoff-Electric-Bikes-Agattu-I7-White Kalkhoff-Electric-Bikes-Integrale-I8

Kalkhoff Agattu B7


Kalkhoff Agattu I7 HS


Kalkhoff Agattu I7


Kalkhoff-Electric-Bikes-Pro-Connect-B10 Kalkhoff-Electric-Bikes-Pro-Connect-I9 Kalkhoff-Electric-Bikes-Sahel-Purple

Kalkhoff Pro Connect B10


Kalkhoff Pro Connect I9


Kalkhoff Sahel Compact



Kalkhoff-Electric-Bikes-Pro-Connect-I9 Kalkhoff-Electric-Bikes-Integrale-I8  

Kalkhoff Integrale I10

Now £2999.00

Kalkhoff Integrale I8

Now £3299.00



Kalkhoff Electric Bikes - More Information

Kalkhoff Agattu B7

Kalkhoff Agattu B7 7G Electric Bike - 2017

The Agattu is a sturdy step through electric bike, designed for trekking and commuting. By integrating the battery into a rear pannier rack, the bike comes ready made to carry your luggage. The Agattu B7 is equipped with a Shimano's Nexus 7 speed gear system, Magura's HS11 hydraulic rim brakes, SR Suntour CR-7V suspension forks and an AXA Echo15 LED front light which is connected to the bike's power source. 

The Agattu B7 has a Bosch Active Cruise 250w motor, which features freewheeling capability, a backpedalling brake, as well as walk assist to make pushing the bike as easy as possible. The motor is powered by a Bosch lithium-ion 36V battery, which has enough capacity to travel up to 150km. 

German made, this bike is designed from the ground up with comfort in mind; an upright riding position reduces the risk of aches and pains, the step through frame makes it a breeze to climb on and off, and all components are chosen to provide a smooth, comfortable and relaxing ride. 

Now Only £1799.00


Kalkhoff Agattu I7 HS Electric Bike - 2017

The primary difference between the Agattu I7 HS and the B7 is the drive motor. The B7 uses a Bosch motor. The I7 uses an Impulse drive motor with the battery built into the frame, between the wheel and the seat tube. The Kalkhoff Agattu I7 HS comes complete with Magura HS11 hydraulic rim brakes, AXA Blueline30 front LED light and Schwalbe's Energizer Life tyres. 

The Agattu I7 is powered by the Impulse 2.0 250w motor, with shift sensor technology, and has a range of up to 205km. Also made in Germany, the bike features the same freewheel capability and backpedal brake system as the B7, and is built using Kalkhoff's 'Wave' frame design, which is their easy access step through frame. 

Now Only £1849.00

Kalkhoff Agattu I7

Kalkhoff Agattu I7 Electric Bike - 2017

The Kalkhoff Agattu I7 is built with the same purpose as the Agattu I7 HS. The main difference between the 2 is the brake system. To offer a more purse friendly model, Kalkhoff created the I7 with Shimano Alivio V brakes, and the AXA Echo15 LED front light. Both models come with a Shimano DH-C3000 dynamo hub.

Now Only £1549.00


Kalkhoff Pro Connect B10

Kalkhoff Pro Connect B10 Electric Bike - 2017

The Kalkhoff Pro Connect B10 is a Bosch powered city E-Trekking bike, designed and manufactured in Germany. 

With a high capacity Bosch 'Performance Line' 36V 500Ah battery that is capable of travelling 180km on a single charge, the Pro Connect B10 is designed for long distance comfort and continuous performance. The high powered Shimano M396 hydraulic disc brakes ensure uncompromised stopping power while the Shimano Deore 10 speed rear derailleur will provide unrivalled low-maintenance function. 

Using the Kalkhoff 'Trapez' type frame design, the Pro Connect B10 is easy to mount, comfortable to ride and with the battery in place of a bottle, it maintains a low centre of gravity, keeping it stable and easy to handle. 

Now Only £2199.00

Kalkhoff Pro Connect I9

Kalkhoff Pro Connect I9 Electric Bike - 2017

The Kalkhoff Pro Connect I9, built upon a 'Diamant' frame design is a classic men's frame, offering the ideal combination of a solid, lightweight and sporty design. Utilising the Impulse 2.0 250w motor and the Impulse lithium-ion 36V battery which will assist you for up to 180km. 

By integrating the Impulse battery and motor into the frame, the Pro Connect I9 maintains a low centre of gravity and stable handling. Coupled with disc brakes from Shimano, Suntour NEX adjustable forks, Shimano Alivio 9 speed derailleur and Schwalbe Energizer Life tyres, the Pro Connect I9 is a comfortable, high quality, durable, and easily maintained electric bike, suitable for a wide range of terrain, and will assist you for up to 180km.  

Now Only £3299.00

 Kalkhoff Sahel Electric Bike PurpleKalkhoff Sahel Electric Bike White

Kalkhoff Sahel Compact I8R Electric Bike - 2018

The Kalkhoff Sahel Compact is an innovative twist on the electric bike. Utilising Kalkhoff's 'Compact' frame design, it is perfect for city living: its small wheels, folding pedals and the 'Speedlifter Twist' stem provide a compact bike that's easy to store away in a city apartment. 

Using the Impulse motor and battery, the German made Sahel I8 can assist you for up to 205km, with freewheel capability and the backpedal braking system. 

In addition, the Sahel comes with a Shimano C3000 dynamo hub, AXA Blueline 30 LED light, Nexus 8-speed gears, Magura HS11 hydraulic brakes and a high-quality luggage rack. 

Now Only £1799.00


Kalkhoff Integrale I10

Kalkhoff Integrale I10 Electric Bike - 2017

Built upon the Kalkhoff integrated frame concept, the new Trapezium frame design creates a sporty, highly stable frame, lightweight and a dynamic streak. By integrating the battery into the downtube and the motor into the bottom bracket, the Integrale retains a clean, sleek looking design, low weight and high stiffness. The I10 uses the Impulse Evo motor and battery which offers up to 250 watts of support for up to 205km. 

The Integrale uses the Impulse Evo display system, which features Shift Sensor technology, bluetooth, a USB charging socket and the Evo Navigation app, using your smartphone's navigation technology to convert the Evo smart display to a complete navigation system. 

Also, the Integrale features a twin front light, with an output of up to 100 lux, as well as 10 speed Deore on an 11-32 cassette for ease when the road points up.

Now Only £2999.00


Kalkhoff Integrale I8

Kalkhoff Integrale I8 Electric Bike - 2017

Also built upon the newly designed Trapezium integrated frame design, the Integrale I8 has a few major differences to the I10. The Gates belt drive provides a super quiet and ultra-low-maintenance drivechain system. Coupled with Shimano's Alfine hub gear system, and M396 hydraulic disc brakes. You'll be hard pushed to find a bike that requires less maintenance than this. 

Like the I10, it uses the Impulse Evo power system, comprising of a 250W motor, 36v battery which can assist you for up to 205km, and can also interface with your smartphone to convert the display into a fully functioning navigation system. 

Now Only £3299.00



These are just a few of the vast range of Kalkhoff bikes we're able to get hold of. If you're still unsure which is the ideal model for you, you have any questions, or you want to organise a test ride, you can contact us here, or call us on 01363 460360. One of our knowlegable, friendly experts will be happy to help.