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Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available to purchase online and will be emailed directly to the specified recipient's email upon completion of payment. This will include a unique gift code which enables them to make a purchase online or in any of our five stores. 

If you wish to have the gift certificate sent via the post please use your own email address in the recipient email box and include their address in the message field. 

Gift Vouchers can not be returned or refunded.

For any questions please contact us on 01363 774773


I cannot see the Product/Part/Bike I am looking for, can I place a Special Order?

If you are unable to find the product/part or bike you are looking for, simply contact us and we should be able to help. We have access to over 60,000 products and can have them delivered to any of our stores in as little as 48 hours.

Do you offer next day delivery on your bikes?

We are unable to offer next day delivery on our bikes, as our priority to our customers is their safety. Our qualified mechanics will build and safety check every bike before it is dispatched, this is to ensure when the customer receives their order, only minimum effort is required before riding. 

Why are you unable to deliver Trek, Whyte & Marin bikes?

As part of their policy is to ensure every customer receives their bike ready to ride, correctly sized and with full riding/owning instructions, Trek & Marin have requested that all their dealers only offer their bikes for in-store collection.

Why don't you list the weights of your bikes?

We know weight is an important factor in many bike buying decisions—and we know many of our competitors list bike weights. We choose not to, because listed weights are never 100% accurate for all sizes and spec options. Keep this in mind when looking on the internet for bike weights: you’re looking at a manufacturer’s best guess.  

Many variables affect the weight of an individual bike: frame size, component spec, decals/color options, and acceptable variation within manufacturing tolerances of the hundreds of parts that make up a bike. As a result, bike weights will vary, even among identical models, sizes, and spec. That inevitable variation means that any published weight may be heavier or lighter than the model you’re buying. The only accurate way to gauge weight is to weigh the bike at one of our stores.