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Electric Bikes Devon - Exeter, Barnstaple and Online

Here at The Bike Shed in Devon, we are now proud stockists of a wide range of all types of electric bikes

Our five large Devon stores are now home to electric bikes from a host of manufacturers including Cube, Giant, Specialized, Trek, Tern and Kalkhoff.

As one of Devon's premier bike shops, we strive to continually grow and develop our product base, following the trends of the market and requirements of our customers, as well as improving our knowledge of all products in the cycle industry, to continually be able to best serve your needs. 

Electric Bike Servicing & Repair

The Bike Shed is now registered as a Bosch Electric Bikes Technical Service Dealer, meaning we're trained and supported by Bosch themselves to ensure our technical expertise remains in line with the forefront of electric bike innovation and technology.

We are therefore recommended by Bosch as one of Devon's premier retailers to buy your next Bosch powered electric bike, or to service and repair your electric bike and its Bosch electric motor.

The Bike Shed is an authorised service and repair partner for a multitude of Electric Bike technologies. 


Why buy an Electric Bike?

Although the main reason may be obvious, there are numerous reasons why buying an electric bike is the right thing to do. Not only does the motor in your electric bike make life that little bit easier, but it can also make your journey to work quicker, safer, more environmentally friendly and offer a huge saving over other modes of transport. As long as you're able to ride a bicycle, getting comfortable with your new electric bike will be a breeze.

Long gone are the old 'twist-and-go' methods of electric bikes, modern electric bikes offer a pedal-assist method of power delivery. So the harder you pedal, the harder the motor will work to assist, offering a smooth, intuitive ride that rewards your efforts. 

This means you can get from A to B quicker than on a conventional bike, yet you can still arrive feeling fresh.

Electric bikes are no longer limited to the commuting cyclist, either! We've seen cyclists of all ages and abilities adding an electric bike to their arsenal of cycling choice. 

- Are you new to the sport, and looking for a bicycle that will enable you to keep up with your partner who has been cycling for years? 

- Are you looking for a bike that will keep you in the great outdoors while you nurse an injury back to health?

- Are you an ageing cyclist whose clubmates are seemingly getting stronger each week? If you're finding yourself no-longer able to hold the same wheel you once rode away from, then an electric road bike might be the solution. 

- Are you a mountain biker who wants to spend an easy day working on technique, without the cost of an uplift at a Bike Park or without having to ride back to the top of the trail? Pick up an electric mountain bike and reap the rewards!


Commuting via an electric bike vs a normal bike

With modern electric bikes' 'pedal-assist' power delivery method, you are still active and exercising when using your electric bike, however, you're unlikely to need a shower and the extra change of clothes when commuting to work. You will be physically fresh having exercised your legs, but you won't be overtired, meaning you can commute by bike more often without feeling worn out. The pedal-assist power delivery complements your own output, offering varying levels of assistance, depending on your preference. This enables you to go faster, longer, for less effort, no matter your chosen discipline. 

Commuting via an electric bike vs a car

Does anyone enjoy the stress of driving in rush hour traffic, trying to find somewhere to park and the price of that car park ticket? Then there's the price of the fuel in the car, tax, insurance, the list goes on... you may even need to add the congestion charge or toll roads fees to top it off. Altogether, this can add up to an expensive commute.

The comparison:

Assuming a 10 mile commute at the home of The Bike Shed here in Devon; mixing rural and city traffic you can expect to pay between £5 & £10 per day in just fuel costs and parking. Therefore, a £1200 investment in an electric bike would take from just 120 commutes to pay for itself. That might sound like a lot, but it's doable in 5 months. Not to mention you will be mentally more alert upon arriving to work, you'll be keeping yourself fitter, healthier, and doing your bit for the environment!


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