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Brompton Electric Demo Bike

13th October 2017

Brompton Electric Demo Bike


The Brompton Electric has landed at Bike Shed, and our Exeter store is now home to an Electric Brompton demo bike for you to test ride!


To arrange a ride, you can call us, email us, or pop in to the Bike Shed Exeter Store.


A Brompton Electric bicycle provides assistance when you need it, helping you to fly up hills, breeze through a long journey, or prevent you from arriving to work sweaty and tired. You can choose the level of assistance to suit your riding style, and charge it up anywhere with a standard plug socket. 





Go Fast

Arrive Fresh


Your Electric Brompton folds to a compact package, so is safe to bring and store indoors. Your Electric Brompton is lightweight, making it easy to use, store and carry. With one click, the battery is removed, making it even easier to carry. As with any Brompton, the Electric Brompton folds up to make it one of the most portable bicycles on the market.  With 300w of assistance when you need it, the Electric Brompton will get you to work fresher. The smart sensor technology knows when to assist you. Not only will you arrive faster, you'll arrive fresh for the next meeting. The smart motor was designed with Williams Advanced Engineering, and you can customise your settings and track your mileage using the Brompton Electric app.