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The Bike Shed Bike Fit Team Keep Improving

16th December 2014




The Bike Shed Body Geometry Fit team keeps on improving!

For those of you that don’t know, Bill from The Bike Shed fitting team was one of 12 UK bike fitters recently invited by Specialized to their Californian HQ to undergo the latest training and certification in the Body Geometry Fit Program. If you missed it, you can read more about Bill’s BG Fit Certification here.

The Body Geometry Fit Program is the most comprehensive bike fit education in the industry. Developed in conjunction with Dr. Andy Pruitt and the Boulder Centre for Sports Medicine, the Body Geometry Fit Process has been refined into a step-by-step fit methodology for fitters to customize riders’ bikes and equipment to help cyclists ride longer, faster and in greater comfort. This education is available exclusively to Specialized dealers. The Body Geometry Fit Program is broken into three distinct courses with three levels of education.

The Body Geometry Fit level 3 certification is the only pass/fail examination in the industry.

So in simple terms, what was required?

  • Perform a Body Geometry Fit with a rider, who had been physically assessed by Fit instructors prior to the fit, whilst being observed and graded by Dr Andy Pruitt & other Certified Fit instructors who graded the fitter on their set up, execution and accuracy of their bike fitting process… Talk about pressure !
  • Answer a 200 question written exam (2-hour time limitation) on subjects such as anatomy, injuries, biomechanics, fit practice & methodology. 


The experts at Specialized H.Q. have graded Bill's papers and practical assessments and Bill has had his results back. We are pleased to announce that he passed with a score of 95% - impressive!

This places Bill as one of only 11 level 3 certified fitters in the UK, and 112 in the world.


Since returning, Bill has already put the new learning into action in a number of ways:

Firstly, by discussing and demonstrating new techniques and approaches with fellow Bike Shed fitters; Greg and Steve from Exeter and Paul from Barnstaple. The Bike Shed are confident that this shared learning approach is something that has led to all of our fitters having a consistent methodology as well as the same high level of expertise and has given our customers a reassuringly systematic bike fitting experience.

Secondly, he has applied the BG Fit method to the 6 male members of the Bikeshed UEX race team, watch this space for more Team news as we prepare for the 2015 race season.

Thirdly, The Bike Shed are updating it's equipment and fitting areas to enhance the service we offer. There has never been a better time to perfect your cycling position with the Bike Shed, so if you wish to book a fit with one of the most qualified bike fitting teams in the UK, see our dedicated Bike Fit age.

Also, Bill will be joining Specialized at the London Bike Show in February at The ExCeL arena, where he will be promoting Body Geometry Fit. More to come on this soon!



We offer fittings on any week day (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays) at either 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. at our Exeter and Barnstaple Branches. If you have any further questions contact Paul (Barnstaple) Steve, Greg or Bill (Exeter).


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Left: Sean Madsen - Specialized Body Geometry Fit Lead Instructor. 

Centre: Bill Bailey - Level 3 Certified Body Geometry Fit expert for The Bike Shed.

Right: Dr. Andy Pruitt - EdD, PA - Founder of Boulder Centre for Sports Medicine.