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Black Friday... What's so special about a Friday?! Why choose Friday at all? Friday's orders can take longer to be delivered anyway! Here at Bike Shed we don't conform, so let's mix this up a tad!

Shall we have a full week of offers? Great Idea, let's do that.

This year, in the run up to Black Friday, we'll be smashing over 250 prices, saving you more than ever before.

Each day of Black Friday week, we'll be releasing another load of cycling deals, so remember to come back each morning, browse the day's offers and grab yourself some new kit before it's gone!

Click on each of the days below to view the day's Black Friday Cycling Deals!

link to monday's offerslink to tuesday's offerslink to Wednesday's offerslink to thursday's offerslink to friday's offers

On Black Friday, we will not only be offering all of the week's special sale prices in all Bike Shed stores, we will also be offering a MINIMUM 20% OFF RRP*!

Find your local Bike Shed store


There are a few exceptions to the minimum 20% off, which include:
2018 model bikes
Wahoo products
Children's Bikes
Electric Bikes
Brompton products

Not in conjunction with 0% finance and cyclescheme payment methods