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Cycle Fit Services provides a custom fit service for your bicycles which can increase speed, agility and performance

The Bike Shed have teamed up with Retul & Specialized to bring their fit services and technology to you. We currently have 3 trained members of staff at our Exeter store, and 2 at our Barnstaple store. We have been carrying out bike fits for around 10 years now!

At Exeter, our qualified specialists are Bill, Greg and Steve and at Barnstaple we have Keith and Paul.

Here at The Bike Shed we combine knowledge gained from Retul, Specialized Body Geometry Fit and Trek Fit Services to give you the best bike fit possible. We also take advantage of the latest motion capture technologies.

Specialized Body Geometry Fit - "Be One With Your Bike"

Body Geometry Fit is a proprietary bicycle fit system consisting of trained fit technicians, specialist fitting tools, a unique fit assessment process and ergonomically enhanced bicycles and equipment. The combination of this system enables you to ride faster, longer and in greater comfort.

After years of development, Specialized launched Body Geometry Fit: The unique system has been developed by Fit expert, Dr Andy Pruitt PA, of the Boulder Centre for Sports Medicine in the US.

With over 30 years experience in helping World Champions, Tour de France winners and cyclists of all levels, Andy Pruitt has developed a fit system that enables the fitter to analyse an individual’s needs and adjust their bike based on their unique body characteristics, experience level and cycling goals to maximize comfort and performance – ultimately improving the experience of the riders.

Before qualifying as a Body Geometry Fit centre we participated in an intensive course at Specialized headquarters. The course was run by the Body Geometry Fit Lead Technician who explained the theory thoroughly and guided the hands-on practice in meticulous detail. At our branches our staff put the training into practice, honing their skills and were then reassessed before becomming authorised Body Geometry Fit centres. Continued training, assessments, resources and contact ensure you receive the very best Body Geometry Fit bike fitting.

The essence of Body Geometry Fit is "Ride longer, faster and in greater comfort."

Our bike fits involve a number of stages to obtain the best fit for the individual rider concerned. Our specialists put their skills to practice with both on and off the bike assessments. This enables us to determine the most suitable riding position matching your own physicality to your specific machine.

Retul Fit Tools - Muve Bike & Vantage V7 Motion Capture

We utilise the very finest bike fit tools from Retul in harmony with the Body Geometry fit process.
The Retul Muve bike is a fully adjustable bike fitting jig. We use this to quickly and precisely make fine adjustments to your position before then applying them to your own bike(s).
The Retul Vantage V7 motion capture system consists of the industries most precise motion capture and measurement tools. It enables us to see the real-time changes to your position as we adjust the bike. It give 36 real-time 3D measurements precise to the millimetre.

Booking & Costs

Our bike fit costs £200 for a full Retul motion capture fit (approximately 3Hrs).

  • There may be an additional charge for time trial / triathlon bikes (This is due to the additional complications due to their complex cable routing)
  • They may also be a charge for applying fit data to a 2nd bike.

To book a consulation please call our Exeter Store on 01392 426191 or our Barnstaple Store on 01271 328628.